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Finally, a recruiting process that you control....Powerhouse Classic puts you in touch with colleges of your choice. We maintain accurate contact information so that your profile can be viewed by as many potential programs as possible.


You bring the game and we bring the resources.


We are more than the athletics we present. We are a major networking system that wishes to build quality people with distinctive characteristics ready to make a social impact as well as preparation for success in life.

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Here you find a list of colleges of your choice. You enter the criteria and search for your match. Your membership will allow you to have your profile sent to at least 10 schools up to 3x. Each college will have the ability to contact you directly.

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Market your skills and create your own value. We show you how. Social media, sponsorships and powerful marketing campaigns produce the "BDF" Brand Dominating Factor.

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The goal of recruiting is to give you the power to search for those schools that may be a better fit for your skills and educational outlook. There is no time table on development but there is a time table on opportunity. Don't miss yours.




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  • Understanding universal law


  • Build your brand


  • The one answer that can make you wealthy


  • Practical business principles

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